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The Beauty of Vintage Mirrors

Over time I have had the opportunity to purchase a few vintage mirrors. Last weekend I had the pleasure of adding two more mirrors to my collection. At the moment they are my favourites!

These two were a bargain online from a lovely ebayer and I was able to purchase each one at $15. Bargain… I know!! Lucky me! I had been looking to purchase more vintage mirrors for a few years and I had been outbid on quite a few, but I was lucky to have purchased these beauties. The etched one is a huge 72cm and the oval one is 75cm. I was shocked at how big they were and the great condition they were still in so I added them to a feature wall in my lounge room, with my original smaller scalloped edged one.

In my bedroom, I have a black Victorian Style mirror with two matching picture frames.

And a Victorian mirror in a cast iron stand that was my mother-in-laws which she had purchased overseas years ago.

I also have this early 1940s mirror which needs to be refurbished. I am trying to find a genuine mirror repairer to do this.

You can tell if a mirror is a genuine item by its weight, the frame, the double chain on the backboard, the screws and the cast iron clasps to hold the mirror in place. The mirror glass is also a clear indication of its age, it may have oxidation and scratches, which are signs of age. The mirror glass should also have slight waves or bubbles whereas modern reproductions will not.

Vintage mirrors are a great accessory in any room and can be a feature on any wall! Enjoy your vintage mirror shopping. I know I did!! You will be surprised by the variety and options that are available and hopefully you get a great price too.

Back soon…..

Ridiculously Retro  xx

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