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Stranded At The Drive In

On the weekend, my husband and I went to the Drive Ins to watch a special screening of Grease to pay tribute to Olivia Newton John. Money was being raised for Olivia’s cause too, The ONJ Foundation.

It was a fantastic night! We decided to dress up in our Grease outfits. My husband wore his T-Birds jacket and I wore my Pink Ladies jacket. My husband wore tight black jeans, a retro black shirt and black boots. I wore a pink top, pink polka dot scarf, denim capris and sneakers (also donning a quiff and pink flower in my hair)

The diner was also decorated in Grease theme! T-Bird and Pink Lady car popcorn stands, cardboard cutouts of Sandy and Danny, the shake shack cardboard ride, signs with iconic Grease quotes… it was a great vibe and fantastic for photos!

The diner itself was quite retro, which was very cool too… retro booths, tables, chairs and lights! It was like stepping back in time.

The food was also delicious! There was the choice of hotdogs, burgers, chicken, chips, onion rings, ice-creams, and popcorn, of course!

Watching Grease again at the Drive Ins was so much fun. We sang along to the songs and recited all the lines of the movie. I adore the movie Grease and I adore Olivia Newton John!

Back Soon….

Ridiculously Retro Xx

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