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Give the gift of… VINTAGE

Do you have someone special in your life that when you step into their house, it feels like stepping back in time? Maybe they also dress like they are from another era…. and now you have the dilemma of choosing a gift for a special occasion. Are you completely dumbfounded as you have no idea what to get them? Well, this blog will help you to get them something unique that they will adore!

  1. Buy some old cans. This would be a good present if you’re short on cash or time. If they are empty, you could turn them into pot plants by filling with soil and plants of your choice, and drill holes in the bottom.
  2. Find some vintage salt and pepper shakers. These can be purchased for a bargain price, and are super cute. If they are made in Japan, then they are collectables!
  3. Old canisters are collectable and have plenty of uses. They may already have canisters in their kitchen but they can also be used as pot plants, to hold kitchen utensils or in the bedroom, bathroom or office to hold other items.
  4. Vintage glassware. These are practical for drinking out of and are beautiful enough to go in a cupboard for show! They come in different designs and colours to suit anyones taste.
  5. Vintage artwork. You can find some great vintage artwork that’s inexpensive! You won’t find these pieces in other people’s homes – super unique.
  6. Crochet or vintage wool blankets are great thrown over furniture and also useful for those colder times. Vintage blankets are often handcrafted and therefore good quality.
  7. Vintage books both look good on your shelf, and are great to read! You can pick a classic or try your luck with something different.
  8. Records have become popular again! Most vintage lovers will love the sound of their favourite band or album being played on a record player. Records also look great displayed on walls!
  9. Vintage mirrors are both useful and a stunning wall feature. You can often find cheap ones at Vinnies and Salvos, or online sales. Side note: don’t use modern cleaning products to retain the quality of your mirror.
  10. Vintage pots or garden ornaments are mostly made of cement. They can be purchased at garage sales, gumtree or other online sale forums. Vintage pots or garden ornaments can be a super cool feature of any garden – no matter the size!
  11. Vintage vase are once again, both useful and looks great on display. You could maybe even throw in a bunch of flowers to liven up your present!
  12. Vintage Accessories are great presents, such as jewellery, handbags, belts, headpieces or hats. They can be unique gifts and can be worn or left on show in a room.
  13. Vintage tin signs look funky and make great artwork. The tin surface may be rusty, but I think that only adds to its charm and authentic look.
  14. Vintage Clothing is also a great present, but will only work if you know your friends size. So be careful with this choice.

Places to go to:

  1. Vinnies, Salvos, Lifeline, or your local thrift store (trust me, some of the best vintage items can be found in your local op shop)
  2. Antique or vintage stores
  3. Garage sales
  4. Auctions or estate Sales
  5. Online sites such as eBay, Etsy, Gumtree, Instagram or Facebook (check out Facebook marketplace and search up vintage groups which sometimes have online sales)

If you really do not want to buy second hand, I do have some other modern replica suggestions:

  1. Smeg kitchen appliances
  2. Matt Blatt replica Items
  3. Stained glass items
  4. Retro reproduction items
  5. Or even… money! (so they can buy vintage items lol)

I hope that I have inspired you to find the perfect gift. Another option is giving a vintage item to someone who is not into vintage. You could inspire them to start loving vintage! With the world filling up with so much landfill, it would not hurt for more people to start loving vintage.

Back soon…..

Ridiculously Retro Xx

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