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My Number 1 Make Up Tip 

Eyelash extensions are a necessity to achieve a rockabilly look. You have no use for mascara anymore, and no more black smudges appearing under the eyes!

Let me show you.

The top photo is without eyelash extensions. The picture below shows with eyelash extensions. The difference is amazing!
The eyelash extension procedure consists of you lying on a bed for 1 hour with your eyes shut. I personally take it as an opportunity to take a 1 hour nap. It is not painful in any way. The only thing is you get a slight sting when you first wake up, sit up and open your eyes. Your eyes only water for a few minutes, then they go back to normal. It may feel a little bit strange and slightly heavier but that soon disappears once you are used to your eyelashes. If you are gentle with your eyelashes and look after them it will last about 4-5 weeks. It costs around $70 in Australia for the first time and around $45 each time you do refills.

Some old wives tales about wearing eyelash extensions:-

  • You can’t cry. I cried within the first week of getting my eyelashes from watching a movie and it had no effect on the eyelashes.
  • You can’t swim with eyelash extensions. I had my eyelash extensions for the whole of summer and I am like a mermaid! I swim as much as possible. I also spent 2 weeks in January on holidays at the beach so swam for 2 weeks all day. It had no effect on my eyelashes. 
  • False eyelashes make your real eyelashes fall out. This is not the case as they are actually glued onto your eyelids, not on your eyelashes. 
  • Eyelash extensions are high maintenance. I find they are easy. With no use for mascara there is no harsh cleaning. All I do is wet a small inter-dental brush and brush over eyelashes each morning to keep clean. The only other thing to consider is to be gentle when cleaning and drying face.

Interdental brushes
Eyelash extensions are dynamic, whether you prefer the ‘no make-up’ look or the exaggerated rockabilly vibe. You can go for varying lengths: extra long, short and full, natural length or like me, a little longer than the natural length. I couldn’t go back to no eyelash extensions now, I love the look they achieve! They make my everyday make up job so easy with no messy mascara. I have been wearing them now for 1 year and now my daughter is also wearing them. We both love them!!

This is my everyday make up look. Just foundation and lipstick. With the eyelash extensions there is no need for any other makeup. Quick and easy!!!

Enjoy getting your eyelashes done. Send me photos of your before and after look. Looking forward to seeing them.

Back soon…..

Ridiculously Retro  xx

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