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Decorating a Vintage Dressing Table

If you can get your hands on old vintage dressing table it is an item you will adore.

This is my vintage dressing table handed down by my mother to me, I had to get one of the mirror panels replaced as it had a chip and they did the bevelled edge to suit  the others.

Vintage Dressing Tables come in a variety of styles.

This image was taken from google images. It features a 1970s style dressing table.
This image was also taken from google images. It features a Antoinette Oak French Dressing Table
You can find plenty of dressing tables at charity stores and garage sales to suit your decor and your style.

You can also decorate or find a chair to suit your style and the style of your vintage dressing table.

This item was purchased from a vintage store in Windsor and suits my daughters dressing table.
This was a vintage bedroom chair from the 1950s that I found on a garbage night in my area, so I had to grab it. It is a green velvet chair which didn’t match my bedroom decor and so I have changed to cover on it so many times! At the moment I have a Sailor Jerry Tattoo Print on it.
I have painted this chair in a grey and recovered the seat with a Marilyn Monroe fabric from Spotlight

You can find these chairs at charity stores and garage sales! I will do a future blog on how to decorate chairs and lounges soon.

Then you can put add your vintage items to decorate the dressing table to add to your vintage look.

This image is from google images. These are vintage perfume bottles. I want to start purchasing some of these for my dressing table.
These are my vintage brush sets. The One on the left was purchased from a St Vincent’s charity store. The other one was given to me by  my mother years ago. 

The above picture is my lady head vases that I purchased online. The picture below is of a crystal dressing table set
This a vintage hair dryer that I found at a garage sale years ago
This is a vintage vanity bag that was purchased from Recycology at the Vintage section of the Sydney Stitches and Craft Show. I filled it with a vintage hand mirror and brush, and some essential hair products to get that retro look

There are so many items that you can add to your dressing table. I love the look of the old hair brush sets. Some gems are even hand embroidered. My next items to add to the dressing table are some vintage perfume bottles.

 Enjoy looking for the perfect vintage dressing table, chair and items to decorate the dressing table. Send me photos of your dressing table. Looking forward to seeing them.

Back soon……

Ridiculously Retro   xx

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