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Swinging the Night Away

I had a wonderful time attempting to learn beginners Rock’ n’Roll dance before we went into lockdown, with my daughter. We absolutely loved it! It was really the best fun.

My daughter and I after our first dance lesson

We attended Swingtime Dance School and we learnt so much. They were excellent teachers and cared enough to make sure that you learnt all the steps well. At the end of it, they confirmed that we were capable of going onto the next level, Intermediate Rock’n’Roll, which really excited us.

Now we are in lockdown, we will have to wait until they open again to restart our lessons and continue on our journey of learning Rock’n’Roll. We still practice each week as we do not want to forget any of the steps.

Swingtime Dance School details can be found here:

They have:

  1. Rock’n’Roll Classes
  2. Swing (Lindy Hop) Classes
  3. Balboa Class

The History of Swing Dance

Rock’n’Roll dance emerged in America from the Swing Dance and LindyHop. It is a partnered dance and is very fast and physically demanding. Kicks, lifts, throws, jumps and flips are all characteristics of Rock’n’Roll Dance!

Rock’n’Roll Dance

Lindy Hop is also an American dance that was popular during the swing era of the late 1930s to 1940s. Lindy is a fusion of dance styles such as jazz, tap and the Charleston. It is a member of the Swing Dance Family.

Swing Dance

Balboa is….. you guessed it! Also an American swing dance. It is usually with couples dancing in a close embrace and involves a full body connection.

Balboa Dance

If you ever get a chance, definitely take up a dance class to learn either Rock’n’Roll, Swing or Balboa (or anything you would like). I would highly recommend it!

The positives to dance classes are:

  1. Social – you get to make new friends, have fun with your dance partner
  2. Exercise – dance aids in coordination, strength, cardio, flexibility, balance and so much more…
  3. Learning a new skill – you can use these moves on the dancefloor!
  4. Lifts your mood – dance is known to increase happiness
  5. Increases self confidence – achieving a new skill, socialising and group praise helps build self-esteem
  6. Helps your memory – learning dance steps and revision helps improve your memory
  7. And it’s a lot of FUN

Back Soon……..

Ridiculously Retro Xx

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